We democratise English learning to ensure equal opportunities for children

Globally, more than 1.5 billion people are learning English. The opportunities are greater for those who have access to the appropriate resources and for those who can afford to learn the language. However, the vast majority of the population lacks resources and cannot learn English, resulting in inequality of opportunities. We created Words Worth to bridge the gap and provide equal opportunity for all to learn English in the most efficient and economical way possible.

Our background

Jasvinder Singh started Words Worth with a dream - to make language learning accessible, affordable, and inclusive to every student. Since then, the company has grown into being one of the most recognized technology-based English language learning organizations in the World.

In 2006, Mr. Singh was commissioned by UNESCO, as a consultant, to study the requirements of ICT integration to improve education in Bahrain. His work for this project, his experience as founding director of Designmate Technologies, and his constant belief that technology can be effectively used to develop skills laid the foundation for the Digital English Language Lab Words Worth. The Words Worth team has dedicated over 15 years of their lives to enhancing this product which impacts over 1 million students across the globe each year to deliver top-notch English language learning.



Words Worth won the Best English Language Lab Award in 2017 from Brain Feed, a monthly magazine for Hyderabad. According to CIO Review, Words Worth is among the top 20 education technology providers in the world.

In 2020, to ensure the learning doesn’t stop for students during the pandemic, Mr. Singh introduced a blended approach by integrating web and mobile technologies. The use of this approach makes English language learning engaging, interactive, and stimulating for both students and teachers.

In addition to having the largest market share among educational institutions, the true evidence and reward of Words Worth's success lies in the continued trust extended by these reputable institutions who place repeat orders every year and show immense satisfaction towards Words Worth.