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Meet the Words Worth English Language System

Words Worth blends the web and mobile technologies to deliver an engaging, interactive, and stimulating English language learning system for teachers and students. Students get to practice concepts learnt during sessions conducted online or at school, through fun assignments and tasks. Teachers are able to track the progress of each student that enables them to provide suitable help to those in need.

Blended Approach to English Language Learning

In today’s world students and teachers need a flexible and effective way to learn English that utilises all the benefits of technology, and maximizes progress. By providing world-class materials and a solid, easy-to-use framework for blended learning, we commit to ensure that the students study the right thing, more often, and with better results.


Before the Class

Using the ready-made lesson plans, the teacher prepares for the class.

During the Class

  • Teachers log into the Words Worth software and conduct sessions using audio-visual aid and role-playing activities
  • In a special workbook designed for the classroom, students record their responses
  • The teacher assigns practice work/homework for the sessions conducted

At Home

Using a desktop, laptop, or the Words Worth mobile app, the students complete the practice work at home.

Post-Class Report

Teachers can track the progress of students with a one-minute report.

NEP 2020 Aligned Language Programme

The most feature-rich and affordable system for language learning

Language learning aligned to
international standards

500+ content-rich lessons from Pre A1 to C2 CEFR levels covering a range of topics presenting language in day-to-day situations

Ready-to-use lesson plans
for teachers

Teacher Manuals for teacher-led classes (face-to-face or online) that complement the digital content

Not just MCQs

Language learning is made fun, interactive, and rewarding with 35 distinct learning styles and 8000+ practice exercises

Rich vocabulary bank

4,000+ vocabulary bank to build students vocabulary and improve comprehension

Digital library with 150+ books

A library of e-books with audio options to encourage reading among students along with a unique voice note feature where the students can record their own stories with the teacher

Audio-based feedback

Teachers can listen to and share audio feedback on students' stories in order to improve their reading skills.

Bringing the best storytellers
to your classroom

Engage your learners with stories told by professional storytellers

Not Just English, but teach Hindi,
Sanskrit and French too

A one-stop language solution that teaches Hindi Grammar, Spoken Sanskrit, Sanskrit Grammar, and Spoken French


At Words Worth, the student is the most important element. A variety of processes are in place to guarantee that students are able to benefit from the programme to the fullest extent possible. The programme features an emphasis on the student, from the evaluation of student feedback and data to the use of this information to enhance usability and development. Digital solutions are built to allow the student to access a highly researched and structured programme that works anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Bring Words Worth to your Institute
Designed to suit
your budget

As educators, we know that implementing a new digital learning programme is a big step for any institute. We also understand the constraint institutes face when it comes to time and resources.

Going digital shouldn’t be expensive. Our goal is to offer a flexible, low-risk, and customizable solution that fits both your learners' needs and your budget.

Bring Words Worth to your Institute

Making it easier for teachers to do more with less efforts


Save valuable time with ready-made lesson plans


Avail unlimited training and real-time support to help you learn and use the system effectively


Monitor the progress of any student in our learner management system, at the click of a button


Optimise your classroom strategy by using easy tools for measuring success and delivering insights

Proven Efficacy


According to a study conducted by Trinity College London for the Delhi Directorate of Education, approximately 55% of Class X students had pre-A1 or A1 spoken English abilities.

The post-assessment after 160 hours of the Words Worth English Language content showed an enhancement of one whole level on the CEFR, with over 80% of students achieving A2 level or higher.

Learning that's mobile-friendly and engaging

How do we do it? To start with, we ensure that the students get engaging and relevant content, and that they have a variety of structured activities to choose from, at their level. Then, we test them regularly and show them their progress to encourage them to reach their goals. Lastly, we make everything super mobile friendly so that the students can learn using our app even while at home.


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